Our Fragrances

Our best selling Mayfair Candle Company fragrances are: 

Sensational scent inspired by champagne, enjoyed with sweet strawberries and cream. On a base of fresh jasmine and tonka beans.
Lemongrass & Verbena
Fresh, vibrant and uplifting lemongrass fragrance with hints of soft verbena. Blended with notes of melon, lime, rose and jasmine.
Green Fig & Walnut
Top notes of fresh green fig with underlying woody notes of predominantly walnut, almond and amber.
Sandalwood & Cedar
A masculine fragrance with top notes of sandalwood and hints of rose and hibiscus. All of which rest on a base of cedar wood, vanilla and almond.
Juicy zesty grapefruit with powerful sparkling notes of sweet lemon, lime and a hint of exotic physalis.

Other inspiring fragrances:

Pink Gin

Top notes of predominantly English rhubarb blended fresh raspberries and rose petals. Mixed with aromatic tonic water. For the gin lovers out there this is a must have fragrance.
Pink Papaya
Tropical pink papaya top notes with fresh melon, tangy mandarin and coconut. Resting on base of sweet musk. (discontinued)
Distinctive exotic scent of night flowering tuberose and English rose. Sweet delicate floral scent with complex tropical green notes.
Basil & Lime 
Fresh lime with hints of sweet mandarin and basilicum resting on a base of amberwood and cedarwood to bring warmth to this classic fragrance.

Our Christmas fragrances are now available:
Log Fire
This is a gorgeous winter fragrance, resembling the aromas of a crackling log fire. Smokey yet sweet and warming, balanced with a hint of tobacco. There is nothing more inviting than this fragrance!
Orange & Cinnamon 
Classic winter fragrance of sweet oranges blended with spiced peppercorns and cinnamon resting on a woody base. 
Pine & Pepper 
Top notes of pink peppercorns blended with cranberries and cinnamon on a base of pine cones and cedarwood to bring warmth to this fragrance. 
Sensational fruity fragrance with hints of sweet figs, ripe apricots and cranberries resting on a warming woody base. 

For our aroma diffusers we recommend that you use essential oils or oil blends to enjoy the amazing benefits of aromatherapy. 

What is aromatherapy? (Source: Aromatherapy Council UK)
Aromatherapy is the systematic external use of essential oils in holistic treatments to improve physical and emotional well-being. Essential oils, extracted from plants, possess distinctive therapeutic properties, which can be utilised to improve health and prevent disease.

The most popular oils and their benefits:

Bergamot: Refreshing and uplifting.

Chamomile: This oils helps with relaxation. 
Cinnamon: Use this to ward off colds and other airborne infections. 
Citronella: Great to keep the insects away!
Eucalyptus: This oil is helpful for respiratory difficulties and is also uplifting and refreshing.
Fir needle: Combats mental fatigue.
Geranium: This oils is uplifting and highly recommended to use as an every day scent in your house.
Ginger: Helps with the feeling of sickness and it warms your emotions.
Grapefruit: A refreshing oil perfect for circulation.
Jasmine: Great oil to boost confidence, optimism and euphoria, restoring your lost energy and calms your nerves.
Lavender: Induces sleep and promotes relaxation.
Lemongrass: This oils is uplifting and highly recommended to use as an every day scent in your house. Turn your home into a spa!
Mandarin: Super for boosting your circulation, refreshing yet warming.
Marjoram: This is a great tension relieving oil, great for headaches.
Nutmeg: Aphrodisiac and very stimulating for the mind.
Peppermint: This oil is cooling, stimulating and combats stress.
Rosemary: Great to boost alertness and concentration.
Vetivert: This really helps with your insomnia .
Violet: This oil helps with unrest in your life.
Ylang Ylang: A relaxing and calming oil great for headaches, also used as an aphrodisiac. 



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