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Portable Rechargeable Aroma Diffuser


Mayfair Candle Company

Portable Rechargeable Aroma Diffuser


Discover the latest innovation from Mayfair Candle Company, a rechargeable  and portable aroma diffuser, designed to transform any space with opulent aromas, simply by emitting a relaxing scented mist into your environment.

Why not transform your bathroom into a relaxing spa or turn your bedroom into a tranquil sleep environment. This portable aroma diffuser is absolutely ideal for use at home, the office, in the car or when travelling. Use with your favourite essential oils to improve your general wellbeing and simply lift your mood without the danger of naked flames or harmful smoke. 

This portable aroma diffuser has a clean modern look with an ambient soft blue glow at the top end of the diffuser (when active) making it blend in with any room!

Comes in a Mayfair Candle Company gift box.

How to use your portable aroma diffuser:
Use the USB cable provided to charge your diffuser. It takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge. Fill the oil bottle with your preferred essential oil. The oil bottle holds 10ml. and will last up to 50 hours when used at low intensity. Attach your oil bottle to the nozzle and press start. Your diffuser will be on for 3 minutes cycles. During this 3 minute cycle you can choose between three levels of intensity for your scent output. It is very easy to use so it makes it ideal for every day use!

Unlike most electronic aroma diffusers, this one does not need to be plugged in for it to work, neither does it need water to dilute the oil.

Technical specifications:
Size: 68mm D x 109mm H
Output voltage DC 5V. 2. 
Reach: Max. 60 square meters at the highest intensity setting. 
Run time: Your diffuser will last up to 80 hours when fully charged and when used at low intensity. Note that your diffuser will automatically switch off after 2 hours.

One diffuser, one nozzle and 10ml. empty oil bottle, one USB cable.

One year manufacturer’s warranty included from date of purchase.

When charging and discharging your diffuser it will decrease the lifespan of your battery over time, which is normal for rechargeable products. Do not use electric devices near water. You should not get them wet – this includes plugs and sockets.
Keep out of reach of children and animals. 



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